RSC Kids

We have over 200 children in our care who have been rescued from the streets or from difficult family situations where reconciliation was not possible. Some were abandoned, some are orphaned and some have suffered severe hardship due to poverty.

For some years our children have been placed in 16 households all over Uganda. In December 2021 I did a tour to visit the children and found that many of them were still in desperate need of support, in terms of food and education. Many had reached teenage years and had never been to school. They just had a roof over their heads and someone to care for them. For two years in Uganda, all schools were closed due to the covid pandemic. When they opened in January 2022 we were able to raise funds to send 28 children to boarding school. It was not easy to raise the money for the school fees and their requirements, as we had no regular funding and no promise of donations. But we went ahead by faith and God honoured it. At the time of writing we still need to find money for the last term.

We have plans to start up a school for our RSC kids, which will be more cost effective and will enable us to watch carefully over the children and give spiritual input on a more consistent basis.

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