Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

During the season of lockdown in Uganda we were not permitted to have church meetings, so we decided a good strategy to continue ministry would be to reach out to the communities we had been working in.

We took the RSC teams to go door to door to publicise the events which would be taking place. 

We had dancing and music for the youth

Games and gospel messages for the children

Family workshop, learning about emotions, how to resolve conflict and come to a positive solution within family relationships and with neighbours and friends.  Wilma has a lot of good teaching for families and for marriage.  We intend to work hand in hand with her in our future outreaches in various places.

This is wilma’s website:

We had Papa Amelia from his organic farm, talking about making good use of the land you have, testing the soil, composting, wise seed selection and looking after pigs.  We organised a trip to the farm to take some of the villagers for a day of learning.  We saw the rabbits and learned about using their droppings and urine as a natural fertiliser, growing vegetation to feed pigs without any need for use of commercial foods, how a fishery works, using solar electricity, growing crops: trees, fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads.

This is Papa Amelia’s website:

We had a workshop about setting up a successful small business with very little capital with a pattern that any villager would be able to follow.

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