Food Share

Food Share Programme

Food Share Programme

Food Share Programme

In March 2020 in Uganda, in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, all boarding school children were sent back to their homes and schools were closed.  It was announced that there would be no moving around from town to town in private or public vehicles.  Consequently, many people could not travel to their places of work, teachers and school workers were no longer in employment, as well as boda boda drivers and taxi drivers.  We were made aware of people running out of food and they had no means to buy more.  Many people in Uganda live from day to day, eating food from the money earned that same day, so this was a real issue.  Pastors from Kampala were phoning Pastor Mathew saying that so many families in their congregation had no food and were coming to them, even though they themselves were out of food.  In our ministry base in Kitigoma, we were very grateful that we had matooke, cassava and yams growing but we were still wondering how we were going to survive in this lockdown period as many of our income-generating activities could no longer operate. 

We had a small amount of money left on our food budget, but decided to sow it as a seed and give to the people around us who were desperately in need.  After this I had some communication from a friend in America who said she would like to send me some money to support struggling Ugandans at this time.  We were able to help a few people.  I asked her to put the word around, as the needs were immense.  She spoke to a mutual friend of ours in Holland who had just had a conversation with someone asking if she knew any good people who were giving out food in East Africa as they had heard of the issues there with people being unable to get enough food.  So we praise God that He set all this up and we were able to channel money out for food to people in Kampala and in various places in Uganda, as well as meeting the needs of the constant streams of villagers coming to  our ministry base in Kitigoma.

We were able to help people who had their maize sitting there, about to rot, as they could not use the normal means of selling because all transportation had stopped.  We delivered the maize to the the mill for grinding and brought back the sacks of maize flour for distribution.  A lot of people were very grateful.

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