Most of the ministry in the previous two and a half years has taken place in and around the Jinja area, as well as occasional trips to different areas of Kampala and Lugazi.

Sometimes we have taken teams on mission further afield.

Amuria District

Real Soldiers of Christ


City Harvest Church, Kajjansi

In August 2022 we took a team of RSC kids to help a newly established church. There were 29 of us on the team. After praying and worshiping and having some training sessions, we went door-to-door in the area, evangelising. For most of the kids it was their first time to share the gospel. We split up into teams, sending the kids out in small groups. They came back with testimonies and were delighted to see people getting saved. One young man preached in a bar where 12 people bowed their heads in prayer and a few even ventured to come to the church meeting, saying they didn’t want alcohol any more. They really wanted Jesus.

In the few days of evangelism, we collected 163 names and phone numbers of people who had given their lives to the Lord, which we handed to the church for follow up.

One of the church intercessors testified that he had been praying for the Lord to send labourers to work with the church, and we were an answer to that prayer. We nearly postponed the mission due to lack of funds, but decided to go ahead by faith and the Lord saw us through. We were able to feed everyone and transport our team by bus.

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