The People

The People

The Directors of Real Soldiers of Christ are:

Pastor Mathias Mulumba

Brought up in a Catholic family, in the year 2000 as a boy, Matthew was attracted to an open air gospel crusade by the live music.  He stopped to listen to the message and was convicted to give his life to Jesus.  He suffered because of His decision to follow the Lord.  He was chased from his home and his father denied him as a son and refused to pay school fees.  Yet he still remained faithful to the call of God.  So zealous for the gospel, as he reached out to other people, he started to see incredible answers to prayer.  Since that time, Mathew has been enabled by God to plant churches and fellowships in many different places around Kampala which are still running to this day. 

Mathew is a man of the Word of God.  He bases everything he does on what God says in the scriptures.  As well as preaching the Word, he is a gifted singer and gospel song-writer.  Greatly used in evangelism, he sees people come to the Lord on a daily basis.  Through a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, God is able to minister to others through very accurate prophetic words and he sees God’s power at work doing wonders in peoples’ lives.

Anthea Musegula

Anthea is a seasoned missionary to Africa and has been for many years.  She has travelled to different countries in Europe and Africa for the sake of the gospel, preaching in conferences, open air crusades and teaching seminars.  Anthea has a particular calling to the remote, unreached villages of Africa and has a desire to raise up teams of missionaries to take the gospel to places where it has not yet penetrated.  God uses her in Bible teaching and evangelism, and she has been graced to see many people healed by the power of God.  She also ministers in the prophetic and in worship and has recently been writing her own songs. 

She has also authored some books, the first one being “Beyond the Horizon” and the most recent one called “Revolutionise Your Life!” which will be available through this website.  She has three children who love Jesus and are also talented musicians and dancers.

Dr Banjagala Livingstone

Dr Banjagala Livingstone is a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has been in God’s service for many years, traveling through Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Malawi carrying out the message of God’s love accompanied with the demonstration of God’s power with manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders. 

He is a mentor and father to many ministers.  He is a man with a desire to help people to realize their given callings in Christ.  He flows in the prophetic and apostolic dimensions. 

Dr Livingstone is married to his dear wife, Princess Jacqueline Banjagala who is also a minister of the gospel.

Charles James Senkubuge

Former Presidential candidate, actor and TV host, Charles James Senkubuge is the general manager of Salt Media and the Chairman on Bakaimbira Dramactors.  By the grace of God he is also the lead pastor at FRC and also a pastor at Gospel Baptist Church, Kansanga.  He also ran for the Lord Mayoral seat in the 2021 elections.  He is an elder at House of Prayer Ministries International and a former Mukebezi at Namirembe Cathedral.

Charles James Senkubuge is married to Agnes Lilian who is a chorister at Christ the King Church.  He describes himself as cool headed, kind and independent minded.  He has lived in Kampala for over 30 years and is the voice that awakens the city every morning for the last 15 years on Radio Simba as Dr Mulyamanyinja in Binsangawano.  For 5 years he was the Byansi of Bukedde TV and he has written 50 plays.

Charles James Senkubuge is a man of prayer with a heart for the things of God.

Real Soldiers of Christ


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