Training The Real Soldiers


Training the Real Soldiers

In the middle of 2018 we started meeting at Hotel Paradise as The Bridge Discipleship Group.  People were getting born again and although we did not have our own premises in Jinja at that time, we needed a meeting point for people to come together for fellowship, to share the Word of God and for worship and prayer. 

Discipleship involves consistent input on a regular basis.  The group was modelled on a similar discipleship operation which was very effective in the UK but which did not work so well in this set-up.  The challenge we faced was that very people attended on a regular basis.  People would come sporadically so it was very hard to build a group together with specific teaching where people can grow and change stage by stage and involve the leaders in their every day lives.  So we tried our best with what we could do with the people we had around.  There were many who included themselves as part of The Bridge Discipleship Group but they did not attend regularly. So up until lockdown, we continued to fellowship on a weekly basis every Sunday.

Since then, more of the discipleship has taken place on a personal basis in the RSC households where we live, work and pray together, with prayer altars on a Monday night and a Friday night, and missions every weekend.

Real Soldiers of Christ


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